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Fashion Secrets to Hiding a Hangover

I know I’ve said this before already, but Berlin night life is pretty EPIC and doesn’t end unless you want it to. As you should already know, I am quite the nightlife enthusiast and my mother didn’t raise me to be a quitter. Therefore I have ended my partying at 10am more in the month I’ve been in Berlin than I have in the last 4 years of I’ve spent partying. While partying is fun, I do still have to be functional the next day. This is where my secrets to recovering a hangover start with getting dressed. 

  1. Wear dark, big, polarized sunglasses! 
  2. Go for your most comfortable shoes. 
  3. Stretchy comfortable jeans or shorts are a must depending on the weather. 
  4. Cover up the skin, you’ll be hating the sun as your mortal enemy. 

Now that you’re adequately dressed, get yourself to a hearty greasy meal. I usually go for a burger and then get yourself a delicious smoothy filled with nutrition that your body will more than thank you for afterward. Once you’re filled to the max. Go back to bed for a few hours, and you’ll be ready to get back out for another night of sultry adventures. 

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: Club Monaco/ Shirt: Forever 21/ Jeans: Express/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Watch: La Mer/ Bracelet: Giles & Brothers

photographer: Devid

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